About Us

Cardio Diagnostics, founded in 2017, is a pioneer in integrated genetic and epigenetic-based tests for precision medicine diagnosis, risk assessment, and treatment of cardiovascular disorders. When coupled with artificial intelligence via corporate partners, Cardio Diagnostics allows primary care practitioners to offer state-of-the-art clinical care by determining each individual’s unique environmental and genetic risks for the top 10 leading causes of death, including coronary heart disease. Cardio Diagnostics is IP licensed from the University of Iowa.

Our Team

Portrait of Meesha Dogan
Meesha Dogan, PhD, CEO

Expert in high-performance computing of biomedical data


Dr. Meesha Dogan is a co-founder and CEO of Cardio Diagnostics, where she co-invents diagnostic technologies for cardiovascular disease. She is also a data scientist for Behavioral Diagnostics. Her expertise bridges medicine and engineering by applying computational techniques on high-throughput biomedical data. She has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and applies her data science skills in academia and industry.


Meesha is also an adjunct assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Iowa, where she continues her research efforts to transform medicine toward the precision medicine paradigm.



PhD in Biomedical Engineering, University of Iowa

Portrait of Robert Philibert
Robert Philibert, PhD, CMO

Internationally known expert in epigenetics and clinical translation


Dr. Rob Philibert is the co-inventor of diagnostic technologies at Cardio Diagnostics. He is also the CEO and principal founder/partner of Behavioral Diagnostics.


After finishing his psychiatry residency in 1993, Rob completed a Pharmacology Research Associate Training Program fellowship and spent nearly six focused years on bench-top research at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Subsequently, he returned to the University of Iowa where he is now a professor of psychiatry with adjunct appointments in genetics, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering.


Rob is an accomplished scientist and board-certified physician with an extensive portfolio of grant funding, publications, and intellectual property. He and his longtime colleague, Dr. Anup Madan, are the co-inventors of the critical technologies licensed by Behavioral Diagnostics.



MD, PhD, University of Iowa Scientist Training Program

Portrait of Mike Levin
Mike Levin, MA, CFO

Prior industry expertise in all aspects of corporate finance


Michael R. Levin is the chief financial officer at Cardio Diagnostics as well as at Behavioral Diagnostics. He is a finance executive who has worked in small start-ups, established corporations, and management consulting. He has substantial expertise and experience in all aspects of corporate finance (accounting, treasury, internal control, tax, risk management) and corporate strategy. Previously, he served as a financial executive at a startup in the alternative energy sector, and also as a financial executive for a major energy utility and equipment manufacturer. He also spent 18 years as a management consultant with several leading global professional services firms.



BA and MA in Economics, University of Chicago

portrait of Amaury Lendasse
Amaury Lendasse, PhD

Expert in machine learning, Big Data, and adaptive informatics


Dr. Amaury Lendasse is an associate professor at the University of Iowa and a visiting Professor at the Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Finland. He created and led the Environmental and Industrial Machine Learning at Aalto University School of Science (better known as the Helsinki University of Technology) in Finland and was chairman of the annual ESTSP conference (European Symposium on Time Series Prediction). He is a member of the editorial board and on the program committee of several journals and conferences on machine learning.


Amaury is the author or coauthor of more than 250 scientific papers in international journals, books or communications to conferences with reviewing committee. His work has been cited more than 5350 times according to Google Scholar. His research includes Big Data, time series prediction, information visualization, variable selection, missing or incomplete data, functional neural networks, and classification.



PhD in Applied Sciences, Université catholique de Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium