A Real Need

Coronary heart disease is the most common type of cardiovascular disease, affecting approximately 15.5 million people in United States. Prevalence varies by gender and ethnicity, but 80-90% of patients test positive for conventional risk factors, which include: a) non-modifiable risk factors (e.g. age, gender) and b) major modifiable risk factors (e.g. diabetes, smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol).
lab technician dropping blood into test tube
With the high prevalence of cardiovascular disease, there is a need for more sensitive biomarkers. Here is how our tests are implemented and can be continued for monitoring:

  1. Draw blood and extract DNA
  2. Profile machine learning derived genetic and epigenetic biomarkers using next-generation assay panel.
  3. Implement proprietary machine learning algorithms on genetic and epigenetic quantifications to ascertain risk.
  4. Determine and implement personalized combination of medications and lifestyle interventions using proprietary AI-based algorithms.
  5. Retest to monitor/re-evaluate risk and interventions, creating a valuable longitudinal database.

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