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Your Heart Health is
Our Priority

Epi+Gen CHD™ is an at-home clinical test that accurately estimates your likelihood of having a heart attack within 3 years.

Your Heart Health Journey Starts Here



Determine your risk for coronary disease before an acute event of heart attack or stroke



Work with your physician to establish a prevention roadmap that is tailored to your risk profile.



Follow up testing allows you to understand how your risk has changed over time. Your physician may use this information to modify your treatment plan.

A Better Look at Your Heart Health

According to the CDC, 8 out of 10 cardiac events and deaths can be prevented. Early risk assessment is key for prevention. Our test, Epi+Gen CHD™ aims to do just that.

Simple at-home test

Request the test, collect your sample, and consult with a telemedicine clinician – all from the comfort of your home.

Highly sensitive early risk screening

Epi+Gen CHD™ sensitively measures your personal inherited and acquired risk of having a heart attack within three years.

Compliant with all regulations

This test is performed in a CLIA certified lab under the supervision of our board-certified medical director.

Privacy, guaranteed

Control access to your data. Decide how it can be used and with whom it can be shared.

Epi+Gen CHD™ is a breakthrough product in the biotech market. This technology from Cardio Diagnostics is not just about doubling test sensitivity, but it’s also bridging the gender gap that is currently present with the gold standard approach.

Bryan Vaughn

Managing Director of BioTech Breakthrough Awards

Better Heart Health is Our Mission

Cardio Diagnostics’ vision is to transform the approach to heart disease from treatment-based to prevention-based. We believe that prevention and early detection should be the norm, and that epigenetics-based technologies driven by artificial intelligence will unlock a new era of precision cardiovascular medicine that can help save lives and significantly cut unnecessary treatment costs.

Our team is made up of subject matter experts with deep expertise in cardiovascular disease prevention, clinical testing, artificial intelligence, and engineering. We also have personal experience with heart disease and want to help you and your loved ones avoid its devastating impact.