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Use the Power of SMART Goal Setting

Written by: Emily Lind
Medically reviewed by:
Rob Philibert, MD PhD


New Year’s Resolutions are a popular way to kickstart goal setting. Some of the most common resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight, and quit smoking. Other resolutions, like learning a new skill or hobby, living life to the fullest, and spending time with family are great ways to reduce stress. The great thing about each of these resolutions is the added perk of improving your heart health!

Unfortunately, 54% of resolution-setters fail to stay on track and fall back into bad habits. One of the best ways to avoid this happening is to set a clear goal. One strategy is to use the SMART acronym, which helps you to set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive. 

The Epi+Gen CHD test from Cardio Diagnostics Inc. can help you create a SMART plan for your New Year’s resolution of improving your health! It helps you set a specific goal of improving your heart health. Since the Epi+Gen CHD test can better predict your risk of heart disease than standard lipid tests, you’ll be more likely to see a measurable change in your score without worrying about having to fast beforehand. Even better, changes in your score are proven to be attainable, even after a very short time. For example, the Epi+Gen CHD test was able to detect a difference after only 3 months of patients quitting their smoking habit! 

Unlike other available tests, Epi+Gen CHD takes into consideration both your genetic propensity for heart disease and your real-time epigenetic risk. The test monitors epigenetics at three DNA methylation sites and detects five genetic polymorphisms that moderate heart disease risk, giving you a highly relevant, comprehensive picture of your heart health. To learn more about how the test works, please refer to our blogs on the subjects of SNPs and DNA methylation. 

Perhaps most importantly, the Epi+Gen CHD test can give you time-sensitive results. You can see results in as little as 3 months, meaning that if you set your goal in January, you could see a change as early as April!

The best part is that you can access this award-winning test easily from the comfort of your own home! Simply order a test through a telemedicine appointment with Elicity. It’s never been easier to set and keep! your New Year’s resolution for better heart health.



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