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This overview highlights Cardio Diagnostics’ recent achievements and strategic initiatives undertaken in October 2023, showcasing the company’s growth, commitment to innovation, and alignment with leading heart health guidelines.


Strategic Partnerships and Expansion


Innovative Technology Contract with Vizient

Cardio Diagnostics has secured an Innovative Technology Contract with Vizient, a healthcare performance improvement organization with a network that includes over 60% of America’s hospitals and 97% of academic medical centers. This pivotal agreement expands the distribution of our AI-driven precision heart disease tests, Epi+Gen CHD™ and PrecisionCHD™, across a substantial portion of the U.S. healthcare landscape. The partnership signifies a major step forward in making our advanced diagnostic solutions widely accessible to patients nationwide.


Expansion into India

Our partnership with Aimil Ltd. to bring cutting-edge cardiovascular epigenetic technologies to India aims to make advanced diagnostic tools accessible and affordable, addressing the growing challenge of cardiovascular diseases in India. By combining our innovative epigenetic technologies with Aimil’s extensive distribution network, the partnership promises to transform and elevate India’s cardiovascular healthcare landscape, offering hope for millions.


 Infrastructure and Operational Growth


New Lab and Fulfillment Center

Our commitment to innovation remains stronger than ever, and the opening of our new state-of-the-art facility is a testament to our dedication to your heart health. This expansion is set to significantly enhance our testing capabilities and improve the efficiency of our operations and distribution. This milestone marks a significant step forward in our mission to provide cutting-edge heart health solutions at scale. With expanded testing capacity, we can reach more communities, offering them faster results and improved margins.



Research Alignment and Validation


AHA Presidential Advisory Conformance

The recent American Heart Association Presidential Advisory emphasized the need for:

– An update to the ASCVD Risk Score and Framingham Pooled Cohort Equation
– A need to incorporate social determinants of health when testing for heart disease
– The need for simple heart disease blood tests
– The inclusion of adults in their thirties for routine heart disease testing.

With our products so strongly corresponding with the recommendations from leading experts in heart health, this not only reaffirms our mission but also strengthens the core of our foundation and reinforces the relevance and potential of our tests and technology in improving cardiovascular healthcare.



October was a month of significant progress for our team, characterized by a series of transformative milestones that pave the way for future advancements that can propel us towards our goal of revolutionizing the heart disease care continuum. These recent accomplishments reflect our unwavering dedication to implementing our innovative technologies and our commitment to building Cardio Diagnostics to reach our collective goal of enhancing cardiovascular health care on a global scale.