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Written by: Alyssa Sevilla

Clinically reviewed by: Robert Philibert


Cardio Diagnostics’ PrecisionCHD™ is revolutionizing healthcare with a bold new approach to diagnosing coronary heart disease. This revolutionary test uses epigenetics, genetics, and artificial intelligence – combined with machine learning – to detect early signs of cardiovascular disease more accurately and cost-effectively than ever before. By leveraging the latest technology, PrecisionCHD™ is 75% more sensitive than traditional methods and can provide results up to two-thirds faster. This breakthrough innovation promises to revolutionize heart disease detection and treatment for a new generation of health-conscious individuals.

Despite advances in modern medicine, heart disease remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The challenge is to diagnose it early so that preventative measures can be taken. Yet current methods are often expensive, require exposure to harmful radiation and contrast dyes, and often take weeks to schedule. Current methods of testing, like the echo stress exam can take upwards of 4-6 weeks to get prescribed and receive results. In contrast, Cardio Diagnostic’s new test, PrecisionCHD™, only requires a single blood sample which can be drawn at your doctor’s office or obtained using a lancet in the convenience of your home. 

This revolutionary new test uses the power of epigenetics and genetics combined with artificial intelligence to detect the presence of coronary heart disease in patients with far greater accuracy and speed than ever before. In addition, the six epigenetic indices that form the core of PrecisionCHD™,  allow your doctor to use our Actionable Clinical Information™ platform to personalize your treatment to your unique risk physiology.  No more guessing as to what caused your heart disease; PrecisionCHD™ shows the biology in an easy to understand manner.

PrecisionCHD™ provides cost-effective, more accurate detection than traditional methods. It is 75% more sensitive than standard tests, meaning it picks up on diseases earlier and at lower thresholds than ever. This revolutionary approach also eliminates the need for costly echo stress tests as it can provide reliable results two-thirds faster, making it ideal for those who need an accurate diagnosis within a short period.

In addition to being more accurate and faster, PrecisionCHD™ also offers scalable solutions for heart health that can be implemented globally. As its accuracy is unaffected by location or access to medical care, this test provides an answer to the increasing demand for cardiovascular solutions in modern times. This scalability makes it suitable for both developing countries, where resources may be limited, and developed countries, where access to healthcare can be expensive and time-consuming.

PrecisionCHD™ is set to change heart health care forever by improving access, accuracy, and affordability of testing procedures with one breakthrough product. Using advanced technology such as epigenetics and artificial intelligence, Cardio Diagnostics’ latest innovation has opened up new possibilities for detecting coronary heart disease early on – revolutionizing how we view cardiac healthcare today.